Advanced Training

Property Sourcing Intensive Online

Alasdair and the team he created have packaged and sold hundreds of property deals to private investors from all over the world, generating sales of over £400,000 in a year. This has been achieved using a strategy known as property sourcing and Alasdair has become well known as a leader in this sector. 

This strategy is the most lucrative way to create a massive income from an active property business, This is a great way to get started in property if you’re starting with lower capital, your task is to find great property deals and present them with due diligence to an investor who is too busy to find those deals themselves. You then get paid a nice commission for the services you provide which could be anything from £2000 and more per deal, It’s all about how great the deal you find is as to how much you can charge an investor. 

This programme will walk you through the A – Z of property sourcing, You can get started straight away and you could have your first deal sold in a matter of weeks. Let’s get started.

Low Money Down Intensive Online

We’re all told that to make a move and get started in the property markets you must have huge deposits, and whilst thats true if your wanting to buy properties, that’s not strictly true when it comes to controlling property.

Alasdair started in the property industry with less than £4000 and he started by using a combination of Property Sourcing and Low Money Down strategies such as rent to rent, lease options and delayed completions. He benefited from the cash flow and profit with out ownership. This is less risky however requires strict management and attention to detail to be truly successful in this business. 

These low money down strategies are fantastic for those looking to get started on a budget as thats exactly what Alasdair successfully did. His first 4 property deals were acquired using little money, in fact less than a few thousand pounds. 

This strategy is for you if you’re starting with less than £5,000 and we will guide you through the process of acquiring your first deal so you can benefit from the monthly cash flow but with as little upfront capital as possible.q

Buy Refurbish Recycle Intensive Online

This is where the property millionaires are made, property investment is very much the number one vehicle used by the rich to invest their money made from business. This programme is designed in a way to show you exactly how to find, secure, refurb and recycle your investment to get you to that property millionaire status as quickly as possible. 

Over the course of the programme you will see several case studies where Alasdair has made a staggering £122,000 from one property deal which also generates £3,650 income per month. These deals are great for those looking to invest their money made from Property Sourcing and Low money down strategies.

Follow in the footsteps of Alasdair, make money using low money down strategies and property sourcing then invest this into a buy refurb property deals. Take your active business income which you create after completing Property Sourcing Intensive and Low Money Down Intensive and invest it for passive income into long term assets.