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This call is to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for joining our training programs, we have helped many people change their lives however you have got to take the first steps, you must be prepared to meet us half way then see what happens. 

Note: We prioritise our clients over anyone else, we will try to help as many people as possible but our clients will always be priority.

We get many clients who come to us looking for help as they’re unhappy with their current training providers, and whilst we sympathise that you may not be getting the support or training you paid for, we can only help you further when you undertake training with us the right way.

These calls are for those serious about investing and working within our training programs. We reserve the right to cancel any calls if we feel you are not a right candidate for our company. Please note that this is not a QA session or deal analysis session. 

There is a £50 charge taken when you book for this call – This is fully refunded to you when we complete the call. 

If you fail to show up there will be no further calls or refunds.


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