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Step 1 - property Sourcing

Property Sourcing is the starting point for every successful property entrepreneur. The skill of finding great property deals is crucial to your success and the foundation of every successful property business. 

This is where the long term  relationships are built and this will serve your property business for many years to come. 

Do this strategy correctly with the right training and you could easily be banking £3000 – £10,000 per property deal. You could easily quit your job in just a matter of months using property sourcing.

This strategy has helped many of my clients create Six Figure Incomes.  

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Step 2 - Low Money Down

Next, we invest the income gained from Property Sourcing into the low money down deals such as rent to rent and lease option agreements where you take control of the property.  

Rent to rent deals are a control strategy where you can benefit from massive cashflow each month using various methods to gain an increased income. 

Lease Options agreements are a try before you buy agreement where you take control of the asset with an option to purchase at a later date. These work perfectly when you have a solution that works well for both parties making a fair exchange agreement. 

No Experience Necessary!

Step 3 - buy Refurb Recycle

Combining your Property Sourcing and Low Money Down Income you will be able to invest into buying assets to create long term wealth. 

The Buy Refurbish Recycle method is where you source a property with potential to uplift the value, carry out the work then refinance or flip the property to recycle as much if not all of your initial investment out of the deal.

You can then rinse and repeat using the same initial investment to buy multiple deals building long term wealth.

“You make your money when you buy not when you sell, buy the right property in the right area” so get the right training and buy the right property first time.


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