The Business Academy

If you are really serious about starting, scaling or maximising your business potential then applying to join our Business Academy may be the right path for you. 

You will be immersed in a world of personal and technical development in order to help you achieve your goals. 

To make sure that everyone is serious you can’t just buy The Business Academy. It’s important to us, and those already on the programme that we only accept serious action takers, people with the right attitude who will fit in, support one another and get stuff done. 

The environment we have created is crucial to the success and we’re very strict with who we work with in our Business Academy.

If you think you are ready and have what it takes to make the next step, and want us to work alongside you with intensity and purpose over the next twelve months, then make a start right now by completing the application form on this page.

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Business Academy Application Form

Please ensure you complete the questionnaire after you've scheduled your call, we will cancel all calls if this form is not completed.

Business Intensive Blueprint

Setting up your business the right way at the start is crucial to your success and sustainability. Often the basics of business are forgotten and this will always cause you issues down the line so when you attend the BIB you will work on your business and ensure that the business house keeping tasks are set up correctly.

You will leave with Business Intensive Blueprint with a very clear understanding of the business aspect of being in a property business.  

Check out the video to see what’s included. 

Sales & marketing Masterplan

Two of the most important aspects of every business however this is also the area where most people struggle and they don’t need to. Without great marketing you have no sales. Without sales you have no budget for marketing so if you aren’t already taking this seriously then you need to start today. 

We will work with you to create you sales and marketing plan and funnel to maximise your income and profit margins – this event is crucial for you property success

Check out the video to see what’s included. 

Tell The World

Our signature 4 day life changing experience where you will recreate a whole new version of yourself. This event is designed in a way to immerse you in a world of personal development to overcome all limiting beliefs and resistances.

You will leave this event as a confident entrepreneur with the skill set to present to any audience whether that be 5 or 500 people. TTW will teach you how to present your business and become an authority in your industry whilst helping you over come all fears and issue that are holding you back 

This event will change everything for you and we’ve 100’s of people who will testify to that.  

Check out the video to see what’s included. 

Ultimate Leadership Camp

This 3 day intensive event takes place in a rural locations designed to test you and bring the best out of you. 

Are you ready to step up and Lead? 

If so then this event is a MUST for you!  The event is run LIVE over three days and you will be pushed beyond what you believe you’re capable of, as we’ve designed this program to transform you into the next business leader.

Your team will need you so you better be ready to step up! Are you Ready?

Check out the video to see what’s included.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Jim Rohn was quoted as saying “You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with”. Your Network is everything as is your environment.

You will spend 52 weeks with our coaching team and we will work with you to build your knowledge and business, the weekly calls are categorised into;

  • Week 1 – Accountability 
  • Week 2 – Marketing 
  • Week 3 – Sales 
  • Week 4 – Property 
  • Week 5 – Open QA (if a 5 week month)

Check out the video to see what’s included.

Business Mastery

This event is something special, you’ll come and spend two days with myself and my business mentors to really hone in on your business. At the Business Mastery, we focus on looking for gaps in your business.

Often we find that people are so “in it” that they miss out on what’s right in front of them and this includes many opportunities.

One example is a student who realised that he was already sitting on £100,000 worth of opportunities from an existing client. All he had to do was realise his potential and be confident enough to offer his existing client this part of his service. 

Check out the video to see what’s included.

121 break Glass Mentoring

As part of your business academy package you can book 121 mentoring directly with Alasdair. The break glass mentoring is designed for when you need to get direct 121 feedback and instruction about your business directly from Alasdair.

This programme will set you up to succeed and many of our past students have stated that this is what made us different to any other training company, the care, attention and interest we in helping you succeed is what makes our training stand out. 

Check out the video to see what’s included.