Free Mentoring* With Alasdair - Limited spaces available

Alasdair has gained massive value and direction from the mastermind panels that he is part of, in fact one such meeting showed him exactly how he was leaving money on the table! 

The next month he added over £10,000 to his sales simply by implementing that one piece of advise!

When you attend you Alasdair and his team of trainers will show you how you will;

  • Get all your questions answered on the day 
  • Received personal mentoring on your situation from Alasdair 
  • Gain clarity with a clear plan bespoke for your business
  • Learn what it is that is holding you back in business
  • Meet our training team and coaches
  • Learn about our business and how we can support your business 
  • Lunch Provided with the team 
  • Free to attend for all future clients 

We limit the tickets to these events so we can maximise the value and time spent with clients so be sure to reserve your space now!

*The ticket cost £100 is refunded to you upon arrival as a credit note. 

*Please note if we decide to not offer you a space on this mastermind you will be fully refunded your investment without delay. 

Reserve Your Seat At The Table!

Paid Training: Round Table Mentoring (#16)

*Please note we may cancel and refund your ticket if we feel that the event is not suitable for you.