Low Money Down Intensive

We’re all told that to make a move and get started in the property markets you must have huge deposits, and whilst thats true if your wanting to buy properties, that’s not strictly true when it comes to controlling property.

Alasdair started in the property industry with less than £4000 and he started by using a combination of Property Sourcing and Low Money Down strategies such as rent to rent, lease options and delayed completions. He benefited from the cash flow and profit with out ownership. This is less risky however requires strict management and attention to detail to be truly successful in this business. 

These low money down strategies are fantastic for those looking to get started on a budget as thats exactly what Alasdair successfully did. His first 4 property deals were acquired using little money, in fact less than a few thousand pounds. 

This strategy is for you if you’re starting with less than £5,000 and we will guide you through the process of acquiring your first deal so you can benefit from the monthly cash flow but with as little upfront capital as possible.

Low Money Down Online (£1295)

Only (£1,295)

Low Money Down Intensive Live (£2,995)

Once purchased, a member of our team will contact you and get you booked on the next available date. If you would like to know the date before purchasing, please contact: tenxpropertynetwork.com

Only (£2,995)

Low Money Down Intensive Live & Online (£3,495)

Online Benefits:

Live Benefits:

Once purchased, a member of our team will contact you and get you booked on the next available date. If you would like to know the date before purchasing, please contact: tenxpropertynetwork.com

Only (£3,495)

Who You’ll Be Learning From:
Alasdair Cunningham

Founder Of The Property Accelerator

Alasdair is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, owner of several six-figure businesses, as well as, a sought-after Business Coach, Speaker and Author for entrepreneurs and business owners. Sheer determination and persistence pulled him through and landed him as a leader where, in his own words, he performed 6 years’ worth of learning, development and action, in just a few years.

What makes Alasdair different? Ask his students.. as many of them have had experience with other trainers and came to Alasdair because of his brutal honesty, directness and no bull shit approach to business. If you’re looking for an easy ride then Alasdair is not for you, however if you’re looking for a mentor and trainer with integrity to help you move forward and create a sustainable business then Alasdair wants to work with you. 

Alasdair created the The Property Accelerator, in order to change the training and networking sector. All of his programs and platforms are designed in a way to immerse the individual in a new world of change, support and encouragement; so they can follow their dreams and live life on their own terms getting trained by those who actually do what they say they will do. 

Get yourself booked on to the next event and make sure you’re immersing yourself in the The Property Accelerator environment.

Frequently Asked Question


The Property Industry is constantly evolving, as will the Low Money Down Intensive. Alasdair has taught many successful students for over 4 years, and this programme will continue to produce huge results for our students.

We are always learning and developing and will update the programs as required, but don’t worry you have access for lifetime  


The Low Money Down Intensive programme is broken up into 8 modules, which you have access to immediately, once purchased.

Once you purchase, you can expect an email sent to the email address you used to sign up to the programme inside our checkout page, within 5 minutes. The email will contain credentials to log into our platform to access Low Money Down Intensive.


The Low Money Down Intensive programme costs a once-off payment of £1295 including vat.


Get in touch with us at [email protected] & we’ll get back to you asap.

Please note that our support team generally replies within the first 24-48 hours.

Programme Structure

Module 1 – Overview of Property Sourcing

1.1 Welcome to Property Sourcing Intensive
1.2 What is Property Sourcing
1.3 Why Property Sourcing is Required
1.4 Who Are Our Customers
1.5 Overview of the Legalities
1.6 Monetising Property Sourcing
1.7 Let’s Get Started

Module 2 – Business Set Up & Compliance

2.1 Setting Up Your Limited Company
2.2 Which Bank Account Do I Need?
2.3 Data Protection License Application
2.4 Which Insurance Do We Need?
2.5 Choosing a Property Ombudsman
2.6 Registering for Anti Money Laundering
2.7 On-Going Anti Money Laundering Training
2.8 Anti Money Laundering Legal Documentation
2.9 Know Your Customer (KYC) Verification – Online
2.10 Know Your Customer (KYC) Verification – Manual
2.11 Verifying Proof and Source of Funds
2.12 Creating and Recording Invoicing
2.13 Business Marketing Material Essentials
2.14 Business Setup and Compliance Conclusion

Module 3 – Marketing Your Business

3.1 Marketing Overview
3.2 Building Authority
3.3 Reputation
3.4 Engagement
3.5 Social Media
3.6 Creating Videos
3.7 Creating Reels on Instagram
3.8 Creating Engaging Social Media Posts
3.9 Freebies and Giveaways
3.11 Testimonials and Reviews
3.12 Creating Artwork
3.13 Funnel
3.14 Marketing Conclusion

Module 4 – Growing an Investors List

4.1 Investor Overview
4.2 Ideal Client Profile
4.3 Market Dominating Position
4.4 Networking Events
4.5 20 Second Elevator Pitch
4.6 Investor Journey
4.7 Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) System
4.8 All Clients Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Set up
4.9 Training Your Investor
4.10 Growing Your Database Conclusion

Module 5 – Property Deals

5.1 Finding Your Goldmine Patch
5.2 Property Due Diligence
5.3 Finding a Buy to Let (BTL)
5.4 Finding a Buy Refurb Refinance(BRR)
5.5 Finding a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)
5.6 Quick Property Due Diligence
5.7 Valuing a property
5.8 Spreadsheets
5.9 Good Deal Example
5.10 Bad Deal Example
5.11 Property Deals Overview

Module 6 – Assessing Property

6.1 Property Walkthrough
6.2 Checking for Damp
6.3 Checking Roof Spaces
6.4 Interior Property Design and Decoration
6.5 Exterior Structures
6.6 Checking Flooring and Joists
6.7 Windows and Doors
6.8 Grounds and Gardens
6.9 Refurbishment Costs
6.9 Overview

Module 7 – Selling Your Deals

7.1 Sales Overview
7.2 Bespoke Sourcing
7.3 Staging and Setup
7.4 Packaging the Deal
7.5 Drafting the Offer
7.6 Sales Call
7.7 Getting Paid
7.8 Upselling
7.9 Overview

Module 8 – Conclusion