Starting out in property can be very overwhelming, with so much information out there on how to get started. You need to ensure you’re learning as much as you can. Property is all about education and networking so we created the best solution to capture this all in one place. 

At the Property Accelerator, you will be immersed into a whole new concept of learning and networking with others just like yourself who have a desire and ambition to change their direction in life. The FREE event is designed in a way to impact you to change and start you on your journey to financial success through property, whether that be as a passive investor or active entrepreneur. 

At the Property Accelerator you will learn;

  • Why Property is the number one asset class for long term wealth 
  • Why you should get involved now and not wait for the so called “big reset”
  • How anyone with just a few thousand pounds can make positive cash flow from property 
  • How you can make literally £thousands each month from Property Trading 
  • How my students have banked over £500,000 in CASH from Property 
  • How you can get started in a matter of days 
  • How to find, secure and profit from property 
  • How you can QUIT your job in a matter of months just like many of my students
This event is FREE, be prepared for high returns as although it may be free for you to attend the value, knowledge and experience will change your life if you’re open to change. 

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1157 Property plan Book

This book details my 18 years in business and covers the highs and lows of failing and winning. This is my gift to you because I want everyone no matter what the situation, to have the ability and tools to be able to recover from failure to winning in Property. If you order today I’ll even send you at my cost some extra special gifts to get you started straight away.

Six Figure Speaker: Turning Passion Into Profit

Just cover the cost of the shipping & we’ll send you the free book today… This book covers how I overcome my fear of speaking and presenting, One thing that rapidly helped my businesses grow was my ability to present in front of an audience and I encourage all of you to take that leap of faith and learn how to successfully present to an audience, whether that be 5 people or 1000 people. This skill is a must for success in business.